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Tax Prep for Photographers

Confused and anxious about filing your taxes as a freelance photographer or artist? You are not

alone. Taxes are complicated, especially for artists. But taking control of your taxes is both

possible and empowering.

In this hour-and-a-half-long workshop, Maria Möller of Philadelphia Tax Prep for Artists will

draw you a roadmap that demystifies your taxes. Topics will include deducting business

expenses, the self-employment tax, paying estimated taxes, Schedule Cs, and Philadelphia city

taxes. In addition, she will offer advice on how to develop good habits and simple structures so

that you can face future tax years with more confidence and less anxiety. 

Maria Möller brings over 20 years of project management experience for organizations such as

Mural Arts Philadelphia, FringeArts, and The Historical Society of Pennsylvania to her work as a

tax preparer for individuals and small businesses. A socially-engaged artist and photographer,

Maria works with Philadelphia Tax Prep for Artists, a collective of artists and art lovers who

have a knack for taxes and a desire to help other artists by dealing with the numbers so our

clients can concentrate on their art. She really likes it when things are neat and tidy.

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This course will take place on Zoom. You will receive an email with the link upon completing your registration.

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